little girls

this body of work was born out of a tragic event in my life. when my niece, marissa, drowned at the age of 15 months. not knowing how to deal with the grief and the void that was left behind, i began making these mixed media collages with faceless little girls. the figurative element in this work was something foreign to my process, but then again the overwhelming sorrow that i felt was something foreign to my heart.

the day before marissa drowned, she was in my studio where she decisively picked up a pencil and thoughtfully began drawing on a piece of paper. as i replay these moments in my head, she has become my inspiration of what it means to let go, and let whatever is inside to flow out onto the canvas. no fear, no hesitation, and complete confidence in the honest expression of making marks. what began as a means of dealing with the pain and loss of my god-child, has become a journey where i often find myself identifying with the faceless figures in the work.

little girl
losing my place
remembering gets harder
safety nest
the choices often look the same
the memories we are left with
what we see when we look back
transparent spaces of being
between here and there

untitled specimens