the longscapes

these invented landscapes are an amalgamation of a chaotic system and an ordered system brought about by their influence on one another. all of the images are based on a grid, in which the horizontal and vertical elements are continually being repositioned into foreground, middle ground, and background layers. the overlapping of these layers creates fractured spaces that are defined by their own internal logic. the stained/painted wood panels are sanded, cut-up, repositioned, and added onto. this method of cutting up and rearranging pieces forces me to react intuitively to the new image. by imposing this process on my work, it helps to balance my tendencies toward control. here, i am led to consider a new direction for the painting that i had not anticipated. calmer passages are delicately interwoven with more dynamic ones while the shallow spaces are physically divided from the deeper spaces. the scale of the work quietly summons the viewer to a private intimate experience with the paintings. it is here where images that initially appear simple begin to reveal a more complex reality. the integration of these visual elements renders an image that is infinite in spite of its physical size, and creates a believable reality that lures the viewer into a quiet, peculiar place.

building my way out
drawing the curtain
east meets west
escaping to view
finding a warped way
it's all a matter of
when the moments overlap

the moments