nests and scapes

change is constant…

whether i seek it out,

or it occurs without my permission

nonetheless it is there.

it requires me to adapt

to move forward in new ways,

despite my fears

or objections.

infiltrating my routine, my life.

whether i acknowledge it or not,

it presents itself

giving me the opportunity to evolve with it…

or remain fixed.

this body of work is my journey through change.

the comfort i find in these barren landscapes,

although they have been emptied

it is where new beginnings are possible.

the strength i feel in the leafless trees

rooted to survive the elements

enduring through the seasons.

the security i have in the refuge of the nest

where well-being is nurtured and cultivated

the hope that i see in the new growth

uncertain of what it may bring

yet trusting in who i am.

at the edge of nature
patapampa pass II
a sequence for organic reactions
in the middle ground
patapampa pass IV
patapampa pass III
perfect stillness

the clowns