paper expeditions

this is a collection of narrative images where i have explored mixed media processes, i find the rich layering of imagery best conveys some of the complexity and vulnerability of these journeys. through the use of photographic, found, and drawn images the work has provided me a reflection into my own journey through this life. utilizing the seamless movement between interior and exterior spaces reveals the unpredictability of our passage through this life and to the multiplicity of one's space/place in this world. the use of the house/home becomes a notion that is constantly shifting as we age--moving in and out of people's lives and having them move in and out of ours -- causing us to continually re/define the safety of our spaces. the images do not adhere to our conventional understanding of space, but rather require time to examine the internal logic inherent in each image providing a unique visual experience to be discovered.

my hope is that somehow my personal exploration can transcend the individual and become something that is collective by means of common physical and emotional journeys.

an intersection of choices
building future windows
extensions beyond this point
far from the closeness of home
glimpses behind the choices
how to go from here
moving forward through the past
on the far side of here
portals of perception
stuck in circular logic
timely transitions